What happens when Bigfoot's forest is invaded by alien neighbors on one hill and annoying humans homesteading in a haunted cabin on the other hill?!

Nothing BUT the Outlandish !!!

The Outlanders are tucked away in the corner of reality that few dare to venture-that is-if they want to keep the paranormal out of their way!



Hog, is a Bigfoot and he's not ahead of his time and time isn't catching up with him, either! He named himself as such, because he steals cable and enjoys sci-fi and fantasy the most--namely Star Trek and Harry Potter.

He's a stagnant, territorial, foot stomping, bipedal mammal--who doesn't handle change very well--that is--while in his Bigfoot form. His job is to patrol the forest for any intruders and convince them by any means necessary, to not hang around for long. He especially dislikes squirrels; he does't feel it's right that they can go among humans and forest creatures. He's pretty sure they are out to expose ALL Bigfoot!

The other part of his job is as a "human", where he makes sure other Bigfoot don't expose them all to REAL humans. You see, Bigfoot have the ability to shave themselves down and hold-off their "fur-burst" for a short amount of time and Hog is one of the best at it. Humans were once acquaintances of Bigfoot, but as they lost their fur, Humans grew fearful of Bigfoot.

So, when the freshly shaved Bigfoot go into the nearby town of Miltown, HOg is there to monitor things and help them out when needed. Hogs life and job begin to unravel when a homesteader takes up residence in his forest in the haunted cabin on one hill and alien refugees take over the opposite hill!




He's a wisecracking, fast-paced, know-it-all alien, who decides to make Earth his new home against the protests and utter disgust of Hog. He acts before he asks, he takes before he thinks, and he RUNS into trouble—he doesn't walk into it!



Slap and his wife, Kick, love the more outrageous tendencies his people once practiced, yet no longer participate in. So, they both have been exiled from their planet "WAAP" (pronounced only as a loud slapping sound) to fit in on Earth, with beings he feels understands his crazy urges—unbeknownst to Hog. Hog is somewhat more ethical, that he becomes an odd teacher (of some sort) for Slap's unruly treatment of others. 

More introductions to come...