As far back as she can recall, Heidi Hollis only wanted to be a comic strip artist! Not an animator, not an illustrator, not an author, not a purple-loving addict, not a therapist...but a COMIC STRIP ARTIST!!!

     Even when she wasn't provided with paper to draw upon, she found drawing on the walls of her bedroom—had to suffice. Upon getting yelled at, she found if she drew closer to the floor it made it look like her baby sister did the drawings. She felt like a genius! However, after getting her sister in trouble a few times, it was soon realized that the baby couldn't draw as good as she could and that Heidi was indeed the culprit!

     She always felt bad about her baby sis getting in trouble, but she HAD TO create!

     Many comics later in her school newspapers, then various college newspapers across the country—then onto a magazine that wanted to be the only one who showed her comics. So they made her take her comics out of all the other newspapers. But before that magazine hit the world-they lost their distributor and it all crashed and burned...

     Before you knew it, Heidi started writing her first paranormal book ( and then came her first illustrated book series The Fickle Finders ( and now her greatest and silliest creation "The Outlanders" smacked the world with a funny taste in its mouth—right into the mouth's of millions!

     The flavors of fun keep on flopping forward as Heidi invites you to open wide in the face of some Paranormal Pleasures of Monster Mayhem with...

                         The Outlanders!!!

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