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The daily challenges of keeping God and Jesus in mind can be an interesting task but not as difficult as we human folk tend to make it. 
Here goes my approach to keeping my soul in mind and my God connection lively and healthy:

Author of JINJ
Heidi Hollis



Heidi Hollis, Author of Jesus Is No Joke & Picture Prayers,

Talks About Her Journey from Paranormal to Spiritual


LAS VEGAS (March 30, 2010) - Author Heidi Hollis is celebrating the second anniversary of the release of her inspiring personal journey Jesus is No Joke and soon the one year anniversary of Picture Prayers.


Best known for years for her work in the paranormal, in 2008 Heidi felt compelled to share her personal encounters with Jesus, documented in Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus. She continued her spiritual journey with Picture Prayers: The Journey to Picture Perfect Prayers in 2009 after an angelic encounter that taught her prayers come in the form of simple pictures that come from the heart, mind and soul.


Heidi recently talked about her journey.


Q:            How did someone who spent years researching and writing on UFOs and the paranormal suddenly emerge as a spiritual author?


HH:              Believe it or not, I started off as a skeptic when it came to claims of people having sightings of Jesus and such. Yet, following my own personal encounters (four in total) with Him, it was an easy decision to go this route, more like a need that grew into an absolute passion. I knew that it would be somewhat of a shock to the fans who knew me best as a paranormal researcher and author, but I actually didn't get any backlash from anyone asking how I could go this route. It all went rather smoothly, which was a pleasant surprise, but I didn't plan on hiding what occurred to me in encountering Jesus, either. 


Q:            Do you see a connection between your work in the paranormal and the need to share your experiences with Jesus and angels? 


HH:            The most important link I see is when it comes to the topic of light and dark, positive vs. negative, good vs. evil.  When discussions arise on such topics as aliens, I believe there are the good and the bad ones out there, some of which act much like the demons and angels written of in the past. The same tactics work when faced with either of them, as well, such as when being met with a negative alien abduction. When I've instructed victims of reported alien abductions, to demand to their abductors-in Jesus' Name that these being leave-they leave!  If these so-called aliens from another planet can recognize His Name enough to respect it, then it's easy to see that there is a definite connection with all the topics that I cover.


Q:            When did you first have an encounter with Jesus?


HH:             It was July 19th, 1999 on a hot summer day, in the early afternoon.


Q:            Your four encounters with Jesus seem to come at a time when such visions are happening all around the world at an increased rate. Was anything out-of-the-ordinary going on in your life during that first and subsequent encounters?

HH:  There were a few different things going on in my life at the time that could all be seen as requiring some attention from Jesus.  One was my health; I had ulcerative colitis for 12 years-notice I say that in past tense now thanks to Him.  Another pressing issue was due to my first book I was about to publish called The Secret War. As I've already mentioned, I was a skeptic of Jesus encounters, and I'd actually written about that skepticism in that book where I outright said, "If Jesus were around and after all the strange things I've researched and experienced-I would have seen Him already!"  So apparently, before I published that book and put my ethereal and eternal foot in my mouth, Jesus let me in on His reality.


Q:            Did Jesus talk to you? What did he say?


HH:            Yes, He did.  He actually directly told me that I needed to finish writing my book at the time, which was already written but obviously needed to have some "Jesus encounter bashing" removed.  He of course told me quite a bit more, telling me about His life, what He aimed to do and how so much more needed to be done.  For me it wasn't so much His words as much as the feelings He emitted that told more than words could, which revealed His heart of intentions. So this book wasn't written with loads of quotes and orders for readers to follow.  It was written about Him, the reality of Him, and how He took the time to open the eyes of someone who wasn't even looking directly His way.


Q:            Reviews of Jesus is No Joke have said that your writing is natural, refreshingly "real," and enthusiastic and that your encounters with Jesus were riveting and inspiring and they conveyed, above all, the feeling of Jesus' reality. Where do you think this ability to make Jesus a "reality" comes from?


HH:              It's nice to hear from readers who have often told me that they feel that I am sitting across from them telling them my story directly-now that is truly touching for me to hear! I think because I do have the background in the paranormal-which involves topics that can scrape up a ton of disbelievers in one room of discussion-has helped me be able to relate mysteries more completely than the next person. I also believe that because I was a skeptic of people's claims of seeing Him today and then having the opportunities that I did to see Him for myself, helped me pour out the raw experience of it all.  I've always been one to never speak over anyone's head and to relate what I write as I would tell a friend of mine. It feels more comfortable to me that way, too.


Q:            What has changed in your life since your encounters with Jesus?


HH:             The question is, what hasn't changed in my life?  When you meet such a powerful, loving and complete soul as Jesus-you know that all things are possible.  Those wandering questions we all have; like if God really hears me, what does this life mean, why am I here; all these questions and more are answered all at once. For me personally when I met Him, I got my soul back, my pep, my laughter, my health, and my nerve to participate further in life. Before Him, public speaking was a huge fear that didn't allow me to come forward with much of what was on my mind-but here I was about to put out a book (The Secret War) that I would have to speak on?  He was the only reason I could ever do such thing when He told me in one of my encounters that He would help give me the words to speak out to others. Little did people know at the time, that here I was a paranormal author who had Jesus at her side the whole time helping her hold her voice and her hands steady at the podium.


Q:            In your book Picture Prayers, you discuss an angelic encounter that showed you the simplicity of prayer and communicating with God through pictures that, as you say, come from the heart, mind and soul? What are picture prayers?

HH:              I was shown how to do Picture Prayers through an angelic encounter I had where I was essentially taught how the angels pray to God. It would be almost silly to think that the angels might formulate words as we do to express ourselves to God, and I learned via Picture Prayers what their method is like. To share in brief what Picture Prayers entails, it is a method of sending your thoughts out to God while in the midst of living and seeing your life. It's essentially taking steps toward communicating with God with what you see as you see it, feel it, experience it, or as you envision it. Just as when it's said a picture gives a thousand words, the method of Picture Prayers gives the intentions of the words with your picture of your life in mind. 


Q:            Can anyone learn to communicate with God through Picture Prayers?


HH:              Yes, it's actually so easily done that I've also introduced a method that teaches parents how to share Picture Prayers with their children so they can do it easily, too, where it can be an enjoyable family activity.


Q:            How long after your encounters with Jesus did you have your first angelic encounter?


HH:              My very first angelic encounter ever, took place even prior to any of my encounters with Jesus. But the angelic encounter that taught me the method of Picture Prayers actually happened about nine months after my initial encounter with Jesus in April of 2000. Still, I would never have thought I would have an angelic encounter on top of my Jesus encounters. To be honest, I never expected to see anything, but I'm overwhelmingly happy that I've seen all that I have!


Q:              Why do you suppose you had these encounters with Jesus and angels? And how can you be so sure of what you have experienced?


HH:              I get asked that a lot, actually I get asked both questions equally as much.  I'm no one special and I think what people should be thinking actively is that these sorts of encounters may soon or may have already occurred in their own life-but were they paying attention or will they when and if something comes their way? God speaks in various ways; some ways are more noticeable than others and others we may shrug off as a dream with Godly overtones or our overactive imagination. But when we have so-called "dreams" that last us a lifetime-can we really just call it a dream if the message taught stayed with us for so long? Why Jesus came to me the way that He did-all I can say is I'm certain He knew me best and what I would do with what He taught me. Meaning, He knew that I would be who I am and true to Him in sharing about all of my experiences.  When it comes to knowing for certain what I have experienced, I tell people that I could have been blind and seen that it was Jesus. That ‘knowing" that comes from one's soul is hard to put in doubt when in the presence of something that comes directly from God.


Q:            What has changed in your life since you were shown how to pray through Picture Prayers?


HH:            Prior to my learning about Picture Prayers, I nearly dreaded my prayer time.  It all felt so rehearsed, stale and repetitive. To be honest, I was simply bored with my prayers and hoped there was a better way for me to communicate with God. Now I feel completely open to God where I don't feel there isn't any place He cannot look, because I engage with Him throughout my day-more like having conversations with God.  How I feel about prayer now is nothing I could have ever even hoped to feel about my time spent with God.  I don't feel that I have to take time out for prayer, because it takes no time at all-though for me prayer is happening all of the time now.


Q:            What do you want your readers to take away from your books?


HH:              Being able to fully grasp the outright and utmost reality of God and Jesus, I think that is the gift I am hoping to share with my writings. I feel so fortunate to have had what appear to be shortcuts in understanding and gaining my faith in the manner that I have through my encounters. But as with anything, maintaining and holding onto our faith and building our understandings is a lifelong process. So

            I'm hoping that by peeling back my layers and sharing my process and inspiring experiences-that others can truly feel and know that our souls are very much alive and that our Maker and His Son are quite near and always listening with Their arms and heart open wide waiting for us to take notice. 


Q.            Are you currently working on another book?


HH:            Yes, I'm writing another book right now that's based on faith and the challenges, goofs and triumphs we make along the way in our pursuit of never having doubt in the one ultimate being--God.


To mark the anniversaries of Jesus Is No Joke and Picture Prayers, readers can purchase copies of both books for $22.77 from http://www.jesusisnojoke.com and www.pictureprayers.com.




February 11th, 2010
"I think I Have a Grip"
Don't we all like to think that?  That we really know what we are doing, how we are doing and where we are going in this life? Notice I say "think" we know these things.
Fact is, half the time when we look over and see someone who appears to have themselves all together, that they have the same quiet moments we all do where we wonder, "What's gonna happen next?!"  Trust me, they do!
There are those days where we all feel we dressed smartly, put on our freshest perfume or cologne, polished our look and took to the sidewalks as if we have the world by the tail.  Then about half-way down the sidewalk trail, thoughts start to pour in our heads about our worries, wants, dislikes and static conjuring up in our lives. Oh the things that we dread, bury and hope to forget about--eh?
What's good to note is that there is no shame in saying that we feel defeated about some of the elements in our life to at least one person that we should feel we can all rely on...and that is of course-God.  As they say, "take it to the cross" this is exactly what have to know that we can do.  When you just can't figure it out anymore, put it in God's hands, have Him take a look at it and lend the help needed.
None of us can declare to be rocket scientist's of our souls, but I'm darn certain the Man above who made us, has the right clues to help figure us and our dilemnas out.  Have faith in that, if anything!
August 21st, 2008
"What Matters Most"
Another day in this life...
I really try to wrap my head around why people do what they do.  There's this weird struggle I see people having between each other, where they fight and squabble about issues that really don't amount to anything.  Yet, we all do it, fight, squabble, chomp at the bit, raise holy heck, curse, spit and frown at each other.
And yes, I know I do it, too --but not so much spit or yell :)
But don't we all know by now that we are just waiting our turn until we return back from whence we came?
We are eating up time, finding things to amuse ourselves so we build things, create competitions, create roles, make up jobs, dig things called swimming pools, manufacture rollerblades, make our green things be called landscaping and so many funny and odd, yet quite entertaining elements...and we do individually appreciate them.
I know I do anyhow.
So now we have squabbles mentioned here Heidi, uh, building things for our entertainment...so what's your point...you are asking....right? No?
Well, it's this:  We can't take any of it with us when our husks, our shell, our bodies fail us and our inerts, our souls-- flush back to God.  But we make huge deals about the squabbles and our entertaining stuff!  So much so, that it seems we lose sight of what actually counts and what we can actually take with us like:  solidarity, morality, conscience, intentions, laughter, memories, pudding (if it tasted good)...all the things that our soul can carry.   
So...why doesn't that get flashed across the TV screen more often, or spoken of more commonly over coffee or at the neighborhood cookout?
I don't get it, it's amusing at times...but nope...I don't get it. 
I don't think we should constantly sweat over why we don't speak of more spiritual issues and beat ourselves up if it's not exhibited more in the public eye...but we can think of it more on our own...and maybe involve a friend or two in the discussion, and they might share it with some of their friends...and so on...where more reminders might float around to help us keep what matters the most in our minds.
It's just a thought :)

July 17th, 2008
"Putting the Word Out"
What an interesting time it has been as of late.  I've found, with my having more ties in the paranormal and UFO arena as far my writings and lectures go from my past, it's been more difficult to try and reach people about my Jesus writings and lessons I've learned. 
Kind of odd, actually!
When I started out as a self-published author having written my first book (The Secret War) on demonic and angelic like - alien beings engrossed in a battle over our souls--doors flew open easily to hear about this topic by magazines, TV shows and radio programs.  But the doors were just barely cracking open when I came forward with my book about Jesus with claims of having seen Him and even been healed?  Huh? I mean really c'mon - right?
I got great reviews about the book from credible publications, and most people I've heard from on an individual basis have been overwhelmingly positive!
Yeah, it left me scratching my head, too!
However, God is good...right?  Of course...so it took some time, but I am now happy to say that I'll get the chance to speak on a widely popular program called Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (July 23rd, 2008  11pm-2AM PDT)!!!  The "yippee's" and "yahoo's" come in right about now!
Things always seem to fall in-line as they should, when the time is right it will happen.  Time for me to start putting my preaching into practice in knowing that God has a plan...always...and to have faith in that! 
My head can be pretty thick sometimes - I'm telling you!!!

June 16th, 2008
Wow, where have I been?
Well, I've been busy doing some pretty cool things that I cannot announce just yet...uh...give me a week or so :)
But on a very awe inspiring notion...I have some utterly awesome news that I'd like to share on here that has just been too very cool to sit on...and it shows to me how when you do the right thing and stick to your gut and heart...people will take note of it and God will grant some wishes!
So without further ramblings, I'd like to share some truly great book reviews on my new book Jesus Is No Joke from two great sources: Robert Becker co-founder and editor of Pure Inspiration Magazine and James A. Cox Editor-in-Chief of Midwest Book Review:

JINJ Gets a 5 Star Review From Midwest Book Review!!!

A raw outpouring of pure emotion from someone who is hardly a member of the clergy - "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is the tale of Heidi Hollis and her religious experience after one random nap – which revolutionized her life and changed it forever. She explains what she saw and pours out real, true emotion – with little political motivation that one so often hears from the ordained clergy. An inspiring and encouraging tale for spiritual people, "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is a must for community library spirituality and Christian studies collections.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief ~Midwest Book Review


Pure Inspiration Magazine Gives Glowing Book Review:
I am the editor and co-founder of a spiritual magazine, Pure Inspiration, so what I do day in and day out is read books, articles, and other materials pertaining to spiritual matters. Much of what I receive is, frankly, not of great interest to me. Having said that, I recently received Heidi Hollis' book, Jesus Is No Joke, and began to read it. It was so good that I took it home and read the entire book within a day or two. Heidi's writing style simply drew me in -- it's natural, refreshingly "real," and enthusiastic. Best of all, she has something to say. Her encounters with Jesus were riveting and inspiring and they conveyed, above all, the feeling of Jesus' reality. Heidi writes from her heart, her soul, and after reading this book, I felt that I knew her, appreciated her, and admired her courage. A must-read for those who seek the Light.
Robert Becker/Editor, Pure Inspiration Magazine~May 15th, 2008
Wow again...all I can say is thanks and thanks to God :)

April 20th, 2008
 Speaking of UFOs...
So, I went to the 20th Anniversary of the Ozark UFO Conference to sign and sell my previous book The Secret War and to introduce my new book on my book table, Jesus Is No Joke...of course.
For those of you who do not know, I am also known for covering other topics of mystery such as UFOs, aliens and Shadow People.  All of these topics are in fact in my previous book. 
So, while there, much to my delight and surprise many of the conference attendees asked if I was going to speak at the conference.  I indicated to these inquiring folks that it might be the wrong time and place to do such a thing since my newest book was on Jesus.  The general response I got when I stated this to people was that I really had to talk about it now since it was on that topic--as if they were even more interested to hear about it.
Again, I remind you, I was at a UFO conference.
During the weekend of the conference, nearly a dozen different people privately approached me and shared that they too had experienced Jesus in a very personal manner--dare I say--they had their OWN actual encounters with Him!
It became apparent to me that something was indeed urging me now more than ever to try and squeeze myself into the conference to at least give an update about what I had been up to and how Jesus was a part of it.
To make a long story short, although I had nothing prepared formally to present on, I did a 20 minute talk at the conference and I barely got off the stage before I was met with an overwhelming and warm response by the audience members as they approached me right after my presentation!!! 
All I can say is, one can never tell or declare when it may be "right" to speak about Jesus.  When Jesus is at the helm of your life, He will lead you to where you are supposed to go and how you are supposed to do it.  I squirmed in my seat until I got up to speak because I'm notorius for not much liking to do public speaking.  But just as He promised me, that He would give me the words as they are needed...well He surely has never let me down!
Thanks Jesus...thanks so much again for not letting me and my brain stop me from speaking about what you wanted to be addressed then and there...I never would have thought to do so myself  :)  At a UFO conference and all...

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
March 23rd, 2008
Today is truly something special...this is the day that Jesus showed us how everlasting life can be achieved and that He came and sacrificed Himself to assure that we would indeed have that opportunity!
How utterly amazing!!!
Most parents would admit that they would lay their lives down for their children at a moment's notice, and God would do no less for His children...us!  He even spared His only Son to show He would go all out to make sure we were taken care of, as well...makes me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that :)
So, with today being the day that we remember and thank Jesus for what He did I think it's wise to say...be good today.  Some of you may be thinking, "What no tremendous Hallelujahs or succumbing to a day of prayer?"
Um, nope (although none of that hurts if you prefer to do so).
Jesus knows the heart of us, and that should shine through everyday, not just on special occasions.  So when I say "be good today" that should be everyday, and know that it all counts and contributes to the whole of who we are. 
Being good shows the part that we have in common with Jesus, and what a neat trait to share!

March 21st, 2008
It's March 21st, 2008, Good Friday and my book Jesus Is No Joke has been finally released to the public!!! 
I did my second radio interview today about my new book on Culture of Contact.  Talking on the topic of my encounters with Jesus in a public forum has been an interesting process.  With my background being so varied in covering paranormal topics and speaking on that for years, it's a switch to speak from the very heart of me and what (or Whom) has driven and supported me all of these years.
I've always been on-the-level in approaching any topic I have ever covered, so I can only continue to do the same thing I've always done.  But I've found since now only having done two radio interviews on the topic of my Jesus encounters, that with so much emotion involved with what it is I have experienced that my flow and/or rhythm while sharing my experiences is not the same as with other topics I've spoken on.
It was pretty surprising to myself to see this happening while doing the interviews, it's hard to summarize something so miraculous and at times, personal, when words seem to fall short of what was experienced. It almost seemed as if words cheapened the experiences, because nothing I could think of came close to what it all felt like...(sigh)
If only I could beam out even a little bit of what it was like to be in His Presence...then no question of what took place would be left in anyone's mind...
Well...one day everyone will get that chance to see what I mean...for now...I just hope I get better at finding better ways to describe it all because there's no way I'll stop trying to share more about Jesus...in the meantime it's time to celebrate that this book He put in mind and heart for me to write has finally been released!!!
This is for you Jesus...we did it!!! 

March 7th, 2008
Gearing up for the release of my book has been an interesting challenge. I'm about to do my first radio interview (March 9th) where I'll be exclusively talking about my encounters with Jesus in my new book JINJ featured here on this site. It's not like I know a lot of people who can personally relate to what it is I've experienced, so I know some folks will have an automatic reaction to roll their eyes in disbelief...(hey it happens)
Thank goodness my goal isn't to convince anyone of anything, but more so to put the info out there for anyone who just might like some insight into the actual reality of Jesus in the world today and the phenomenon that I once personally rolled my eyes about when I heard people claim that they saw Jesus personally.
I was a skeptic of such things, although I'd seen other mysteries come forward in this life ('tis true) I still had the nerve to be skeptical of such claims (I'm complicated).  It only took my own personal encounters with Him to convince me otherwise, but as mentioned- I understand that others don't always get that chance to get their eyes cracked open to stop that rolling movement.  Yet, I'm happy to say I got myself straightened out in-time to try to help others in some way get a glimpse of what it's like to get proven wrong about something so important and be enlightened beyond imagination. 
Who would have thought that could or would happen (not me) but all I can say is "whew!" and here goes my next step...come walk with me and see where this journey leads us...I'm starting a new blog here and I never know where something leads me until I try it out so hey--I'm trying it out :)


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