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Jesus Is No Joke (JINJ) is more than just a book written about Jesus...  
"J" is for Jesus is also to remind people about Jesus' presence...


Hmmm, okay, I'm trying to think of a good way to express a bit more about JINJ...

 JINJ the book, was written to help one person (me) vent the reality of Jesus in her life, in hopes of inspiring others in realizing that He's here for us all! There's nothing stuffy, boring, or cheesy about what JINJ inspires, the point is to bring a new zap of life into how we view Jesus and our souls.  It's not about focusing on an ancient past (sacrifice not included :) that seems so distant to many, but about a living soul and living Jesus in the "here and now!" 


Me, myself and I (Heidi Hollis) am not one to be too formal in my approach to spiritual insights in writing JINJ. I also don't see my personal perspective as being a focal point of importance. But if peeling back my raw emotions to show an inch of what Jesus has shown me helps someone, then I'm game! Other people knowing and realizing that Jesus is a part of our world today, is more the goal than anything. 

Some folks might want a thick read of every last detail I can spill forward in my writings, or why dust might settle in one direction over another...but alas...let's hope people can just take JINJ for what it is...it's for Jesus and our souls


So what's the hand sign all about?  Well, I'm glad you asked! 

The hand sign of "J" is for Jesus, was created by me in hopes to bring a hint of reminder to people about Jesus (of course :).  We all have to admit that we don't always see the point of our days, our silly little focuses in life, or why we let distractions just pile up on us all. We just flat out forget that God or Jesus is always around to give us some focus back, or remind us that this life isn't the end after Jesus' sacrifice.   

So, do yourself and the people around you a favor and remember this and hold your "J's" up high into the air, and help bring awareness back to our souls and Jesus for once and for all! 

"J" is for Jesus at Jesus Is No Joke.com
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