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About Heidi Hollis
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About Heidi Hollis, the author of JINJ: Jesus Is No Joke

A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus...

JINJ is a refreshing and on-the-level look into the life of Heidi Hollis, a nonbeliever in holy encounters, who comes face to face with a man once rumored to roam these lands who said He would return and has: Jesus.

     As one of the world's least formal and rare women in the field of the paranormal as a whole, from angels to aliens, Heidi Hollis has always stood out from her fellow researchers.  Delving into the unknown was not something she went into willingly; it was only when she and her sister encountered something they could not easily disregard, did Heidi look further.  With her colorful sense of humor never far behind, Heidi has made her mark as a unique voice in the world of the unknown. 

     With her first book, The Secret War: The Heavens Speak of the Battle (2001), Heidi's success as an involved author has taken her across the globe to speak at various events and on a variety of programs.
      Her casual approach in talking about mysterious topics has quickly helped her gain guest interviews on various shows. She has been featured on several radio and television programs such as the internationally popular programs-Coast to Coast AM, The Lou Gentile Show, UFO Desk, Night Search, Tim Shaw's Asylum (UK), The Night Before (UK), Jeff Rense's Sightings, Speaking of Strange, Telemundo, Unknown Magazine Hour, and participated in Steven Spielberg/Sci-Fi Channel series Taken/Abduction Diaries, TBS, Fox Wake Up News and Discovery Channel's Mystery Hunters and as a cast member for the pilot/TV series called X-OPS.
 She has previously hosted two syndicated radio programs including SETLAB Chat radio show with Russel Dowden.  Her writing credits are varied where she's written for magazines like Unknown and UFO Magazine (UK and US), writing and producing for the Emmy Award winning television series Into The Outdoors, and creating her own online column as an outlet for her readers at Alien Advice.com.

     Being daring to come forward against certain ridicule was only bearable due to one rare element in Heidi's character that helped in more ways than one.  Heidi had a casual approach where she spoke and wrote freely about her understandings of the unknown; always in hopes of steering away from the stereotypical cult association to those involved in unordinary topics. 


Heidi Hollis
Heidi Hollis

July 19th, 1999, was the day that dangled the reality Heidi thought she knew to be twisted enough, only to see it receive yet another knot - although much more pleasant! 

     Lying down for an afternoon nap after an early morning work shift, was all Heidi had intentions on doing.  Having a poor habit of staying up way too late, and studying for classes way too close to class time, took its toll on Heidi most of the time.  She soon was to learn that her routines, beliefs and certainties were not even up to her to delegate. 

     As if to fall through her pillow, with all of the dramatic fixings that could be associated with such an occurrence, Heidi found herself wondering how she arrived in the place she suddenly saw before her.  In one instant she was in her bedroom, making way for pillow-to-head contact, when almost immediately she found herself standing in a yard looking out. 
While grasping at random thoughts to make sense of her situation, Heidi spots a man walking towards her along a path.  For an instant she instinctively attempts to label who she thinks is approaching her.

     When the truth of who stood before her fully impacted Heidi; she knew her book (The Secret War) in progress was in need of a major re-write.  The section of her book where she compared visions of holy figures to making out a hippo from the clouds in the sky; suddenly seemed a bit inappropriate. 

     Jesus walked up to Heidi and greeted her with heaps of love pouring off from Him, while all Heidi could do was palm her face in utter amazement.  The man that once was rumored to walk the earth, never to be seen again, now stood before Heidi in more glory than she could hold a sun lamp to!  How she knew His name and felt so comfortable in His presence, baffled Heidi to the extreme. 

     Upon receiving a message of encouragement and a revealing name, Heidi left His sight and returned to her world with a deep sense of "knowing" the truth of His existence.  A paranormal researcher, who fought for some kind of normalcy in the eyes of onlookers, now felt the need to find the voice to share about an even more meaningful mystery.  Jesus had come by and opened up the eyes of the least interested earth occupant, and did not stop with just a single visit. 
Four involving encounters with this Son of God occurred, in very different ways.  These encounters all drew a very clear picture and a phrase that Heidi found herself repeating often to her friends and family:  "Jesus is no joke!"
This is her true story to help others realize that truth, as well.

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