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All Contents Copyright 2008-2012 by Heidi Hollis


I would like to offer my sincere praise and thankfulness to the most important source in my life — God. Without Him and His Son in my life, I would have no spark or purpose. It is this same spark from Him that I see in others who are near and dear to me who have encouraged me and helped form the person I am today. So to all of my family and friends who find a piece of strength, an element of character, or even a wisecrack that reminds them of themselves in me — it’s no mistake, and I thank you for sharing that part of “you” with “me”. We build each other up in this lifetime, now look at what we have created! You’ve all played a role in this outcome…

Be Blessed!





1.  Where We All Come From                          

2.  Where I’m Coming From                                        

3.  Speaking of God    

4.  Jesus (or Hay-soos)?          

5.  Darkness Arrives    

6.  Opening Up and Saying, “Blah”      

7.  Here He Comes Again        

8.  Finding Meaning     

9.  Changing Destiny      

10.  The Burning Heart              

11.  Picture Perfect Prayers or Picture Prayers?             

12.  The Thing We Want Most              

13.  Hell… I Should Have Known!        

14.  Evil Revelations

15.  What is He Like, and What Should We Be Like?    

16.  That Soul Thing      

17.  Distractions                        

18.  Faceless

19.  If You Knew He Was Really Coming        

20.  The Final Chapter: Tah-Dah!




Personally, if I were to pick up this book, I would probably wonder what was so funny about Jesus. Then I’d be relieved to see that there was nothing funny about Jesus and that it was just silly me who read the book cover wrong. But I’m positive that I would think there was something surely humorous about this author to have created such a title for this book. I mean, come on, Jesus Is No Joke? Is that even proper English? So, if I’m still playing me looking at my book from an outsider’s perspective, I think I’ve got a couple of things right: This is a book that’s not taking Jesus as a joke, yet some humor is involved.

Let’s get back to being the real me, the one who actually wrote all of the stuff in this book. I can actually confirm my outsider assumptions to be true. This book is not a lot of talk where I slip in an unsuspecting “thus” or “thou” or make an attempt to talk over people’s heads. I had always wished that someone would talk to me more casually about God and spiritual things without always keeping a straight face. So, I like to think of this book as a comfy Internet chat room where only my posts show up, but without all of the cursing of others popping up.

What’s typical about this book on Jesus is, well... nothing. I haven’t seen or heard of anyone truly try to talk “on the level” about Him where the average person could relate. Nor have I heard of anyone (other than me) with so little faith in Him talk about having actually seen Him — more than once. No, you didn’t read that sentence wrong, I said (or wrote) that I have seen Him!

How do I explain such a thing happening to me? Well, that’s what this book is all about, sharing my experiences and searching out answers for myself and (hopefully) for others. I wholeheartedly admit that God was always an acknowledged source in my life, but Jesus wasn’t too huge on my scale of “knowing”.

In the beginning of my encounters with Jesus, I was a science fiction fan who held UFO watches, drew comic strips, and attended an all-women’s college while studying occupational therapy. I was plenty busy, had a ton of goals in my life, and rollerbladed until I dropped — when in popped Jesus!

If I were you reading this intro, the first thing I would think is, Where did that fit in and how in the world can anyone be sure it is really Him or not?

I wondered the same thing, but I now know there is no mystery to it. So many riddles that I thought I would never understand came into such clarity that now I cannot imagine life without knowing these things. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, what you have done, or where you live — Jesus is For Real.

He has always been here, always will be, and He will appear for all to see, someday. I know it may seem weird or odd to think of some flowing-robed being coming out of the sky to rid humanity of evil. At least I used to think that way. It all reminded me too much about Santa Claus, who would only reward the good boys and girls with presents at Christmas time.

I finally got over Santa’s non-existence, as painful as that was, and if I could be made to believe in Santa, who was I to say that Jesus wasn’t just another fantasy? There were too many similarities for me to ignore with this mesmerizing and rewarding nature that Santa and Jesus both possessed.

Now I realize that Jesus was the real character, better yet, Savior, which Christmas is based on. So real is He that I now sit here writing at a messy desk, stuttering in my mind about how I can be sure to get the message out that this man named Jesus isn’t just gossip or a Gospel tool. I can’t think of any other way to gently get these points across, but to be who I am and write as I would talk to my friends. I’m telling this not to drive my story into anyone’s brain to create converts, but to just put it out there for all to see one person’s human approach to understanding what has happened to her. So I suggest that you tuck this book under your arm and head toward a comfy chair to peel back another page.

Consider this a personal story, where everyone could be the main character (who just so happened to be me this time around). There’s a thought: Imagine it being you who saw Jesus and knew it to be true, against all odds. Could you keep it to yourself in fear of ridicule? Well, I’ve been made fun of for lesser things. So, I said to heck with it, and people with their little minds pointed to a thesaurus to find new words to describe “delusional”.

This book is a conversation for the people I share this planet with who do have open minds!

For the record, I have no crowning authority over anything, either, so just because I wrote a book doesn’t spell out “expert”. Now, if you pull out the latest talk on the science fiction realm and aliens, then I would be a power to be reckoned with! So we won’t go there.

For some reason, right now I feel like standing up in a group and saying, “My name is Heidi, and I saw Jesus.” As if that would really help smack people with the impact and the magnitude of what that all really means. I just wish I could reach out and yank on people’s eyelids to see what I have seen, so it wouldn’t seem so strange or rare.

Hmm... perhaps someday I’ll develop a virtual reality video game to do just that. For now, all I have is this book to pour my guts into. There’s no fluff or fancy lettering I can add, either. Jesus is no joke, and my hope is that we can all realize this fact someday.

So watch out, here comes some talk on a Son who spoke of returning — and has.



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