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Midwest Book Review:
A raw outpouring of pure emotion from someone who is hardly a member of the clergy - "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is the tale of Heidi Hollis and her religious experience after one random nap – which revolutionized her life and changed it forever. She explains what she saw and pours out real, true emotion – with little political motivation that one so often hears from the ordained clergy. An inspiring and encouraging tale for spiritual people, "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is a must for community library spirituality and Christian studies collections.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief ~Midwest Book Review

Pure Inspiration Magazine Book Review:
I am the editor and co-founder of a spiritual magazine, Pure Inspiration, so what I do day in and day out is read books, articles, and other materials pertaining to spiritual matters. Much of what I receive is, frankly, not of great interest to me. Having said that, I recently received Heidi Hollis' book, Jesus Is No Joke, and began to read it. It was so good that I took it home and read the entire book within a day or two. Heidi's writing style simply drew me in -- it's natural, refreshingly "real," and enthusiastic. Best of all, she has something to say. Her encounters with Jesus were riveting and inspiring and they conveyed, above all, the feeling of Jesus' reality. Heidi writes from her heart, her soul, and after reading this book, I felt that I knew her, appreciated her, and admired her courage. A must-read for those who seek the Light.
Robert Becker/Editor, Pure Inspiration Magazine~May 15th, 2008

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If there were ever a subject that may need a fresher coat of paint, prayers would be near the top of that list - well at least for some of us.  For those of us who were raised in the tradition of Christian homes, we all know the drill when it comes to striking a pose for prayer.  When aiming to present yourself to God, it was expected that all eyes be closed, heads bowed, fingers clasped and ‘Amen’ had better follow anything you might have just muttered under your breath.


This is the personal and true story of one young woman’s struggle to pray with intention, sincerity and depth only to be taught these elements from an angelic presence to pray with just a glimpse at a picture in mind, heart and soul.


“Prayer can be done this quickly, this is how we communicate”, an angelic voice whispered.  Thus, Picture Prayers were relayed and a new form of prayer had come into light for her and quite possibly, the world.  It was all so quaint, so poised and so natural; praying in pictures had changed her life and connection with God forever!

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Joel Osteen on Cover

Check out the Fall issue of Pure Inspiration Magazine, featuring Heidi Hollis' article:  From Normal to Paranormal to Spiritual Balance...
 Heidi Hollis gravitated to her intense interest in the "paranormal," in short, anything out of the ordinary. In fact, she became quite knowledgeable in the field, even somewhat of an authority. She was quite skeptical, however, about people who reported direct experiences of Jesus; that is, until she had several such experiences of her own. She describes her experiences with the great Master, and tells us about the changes that these encounters wrought within her own being.

Ever want to just talk about Jesus and other matters of the soul on-the-level?  Ya know, just like you would to a friend about other topics without feeling weird? 
Oh good, then I'm not the only one.
Well, that's what JINJ is all about; a comfy chat about Jesus and the soul in a site and now a book form!  From tremendous experiences in encountering Jesus, learning how to pray with more ease, and just plain common sense talk on the realization of Jesus; JINJ touches on this and more!
JINJ is about being raw, honest, and most importantly - sincere. 
JINJ is also about bringing the reality of Jesus into today's world.  None of this surface chatter about  Jesus or going overboard in a fanatical sense, but just getting down right into it while always keeping a smile on your face with light humor sputtering throughout!
Nothing is too preachy, drab, boring or stagnant about JINJ.  So take a look around and feel JINJ out and pass the word on! 
If you have a comment, want to share your holy encounter experiences, or your thoughts about Jesus--feel free to send it on in here to be posted on the site on this page below OR Join JINJ in our online email discussion group by clicking here:  Join JINJ  !!!
Jesus Is No Joke and this is one site and book that just might let that thought sink in!!!!

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Send your thoughts, comments or questions...
Here's a new addition to this site where you can send in your thoughts, comments or questions about Jesus or other matters of the soul for others to read or see.  It's all about taking the next step in making Jesus and other spiritual matters a part of your every day  life. 
Nothing has to sound preachy or rehearsed, but the usual, even.  I am not saying to take these topics lightly but to make them "owned" as if it's not a far stretch to speak about these topics usually.  There's so much out there that talks about matters of the soul ONLY using "old language" or quotes...
On JINJ, I want to hear YOUR voice...YOUR thoughts...YOUR insight...using YOUR words...quotes are great and I use them too so feel free to share some small ones and your thoughts on it, but I want to see more of the hearts of people living today, too...something new for once!
Heck, and if you feel like saying "heck" then say it...so let's hear it out and get down to it already...and don't worry...I'll be using this section to share my thoughts too and perhaps a quote or so, as well. 
So here we go...
3:39 am cdt 

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